A Communiqué from National Chief Shawn Atleo

The Assembly of First Nations issues regular updates on the National Chief's activities and work underway at the national office. More information can be found on the AFN's website at www.afn.ca.

The Assembly of First Nations is embarking on a strategic and forward looking agenda. I believe this is our time, a time for Indigenous peoples to come together in recognition and respect to lead the change that is required for our people. I am pleased to provide the following update on recent activities.

Subject: Virtual Summit on H1N1 For First Nations Communities to be held November 10th 2009

When I took office it was clear that there were different levels of information and understanding between jurisdictions about the H1N1 pandemic and community preparedness. This was not helpful for First Nations leaders, our communities or our families. It made the hard work of emergency planning even more difficult.

To address this breakdown in communications with federal agencies the AFN signed a Communications Protocol with Health Canada and Indian Affairs and Northern Development on September 19th. The Protocol included a Virtual Summit on H1N1.

The Virtual Summit will help ensure that we're working from shared knowledge about H1N1, and have the latest information on preparedness in First Nations communities.

This webcast, to be held November 10th 2009, will begin at 12:00 PM EST and run for approximately 2

  • Preparations and activities underway to deal with the second wave of H1N1 in First Nations communities;
  • Recent developments in H1N1;
  • Distribution of vaccines and antiviral drugs for First Nations communities;
  • Profiles on First Nations communities in their planning and preparedness efforts;
  • Interactive youth and expert panel for live Question and Answer sessions.

The Virtual summit will be held at (English) www.fnH1N1summit.ca (French) www.sommetH1N1pn.ca We have already posted updated information on many of the above topics for you to read, download and share with your communities. Although both the English and French websites are live, they are not completed. We will continue to update the websites as more information becomes available.

Test your computer before the Summit

To make sure you can access the Virtual Summit, you may wish to test your computer in advance. To do so, visit the site and watch the "test video." If the test video will not play, you will find instructions on downloading free software to fix the problem. If you are trying to view the video from a work computer you may need permission from your computer administrator to download this software. If you need help or have questions about preparing your computer please call or email our website developer Roy Whiteduck 1-866-869-6789 ext 275 rwhiteduck@afn.ca.

If you have general questions about the Virtual Summit call or email:
Jonathan Thompson, Senior Director Health and Social Secretariat 1-866-869-6789 ext 235
jonthompson@afn.ca or Karyn Pugliese Acting Communications Director 1-866-869-6789 ext 210 kpugliese@afn.ca

I hope you will find the Virtual Summit helpful and informative.

NC H1N1 SUMMIT Bulletin - November 5, 2009 - English (PDF)37.26 KB
NC H1N1 SUMMIT Bulletin - November 5, 2009 - French (PDF)38.39 KB