Pandemic Guidelines for First Nation Communities - Chapter 20 of the Ontario Pandemic Plan

Ontario Health Plan for an Influenza Pandemic August 2008

20. Guidelines for First Nations Communities

With the exception of a few small outposts that isolated themselves, there was by early 1919 only one place the virus had missed.

The Great Influenza, John M. Barry

There are 134 First Nations communities in Ontario. Of those, 106 are non-isolated (i.e., road access < 90 km to physician services) and 28 are isolated (i.e., regular flights, no year-round road access, good telephone and radio services).

Of the 160,000 First Nations people in Ontario, about 80,000 live in First Nations communities.

The Province of Ontario, the Government of Canada through First Nations and Inuit Health (FNIH) and the First Nations communities share responsibility for First Nations health services in Ontario:

  • FNIH's primary mandate is for First Nations people living in First Nations communities. FNIH provides primary care services (including emergency services) and public health services in remote and isolated areas where there are no provincial services readily available (see map next page).
  • First Nations people living outside First Nations communities will have their health needs met, like other Ontarians, by the provincial health care system.
  • The relationship between local public health units and First Nations communities varies across Ontario. Some health units have no contact with First Nations communities while others deliver services such as immunization clinics.

FNIH, the provincial government and public health units have been collaborating informally to meet the health needs of First Nations communities; however, they have not clearly defined their roles during a public health emergency.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) is working with First Nations and Inuit Health (FNIH) of Health Canada and the Chiefs of Ontario (COO) to develop plans to meet the needs of First Nations communities during an influenza pandemic. This chapter sets out the steps that MOHLTC, FNIH and COO will take to provide First Nations people living in First Nations communities in Ontario with the same access to influenza pandemic-related services, resources and stockpiles as other residents of the province.

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